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Food in Venice Italy Venezzia (8)
Food in Venice Italy Venezzia (8)

Food in Venice Italy


Venice is your dream destination, and what about eating in Venice? To be honest when you

compared with other parts of Italy Venice is not such unsatisfying experience. A local feature is the bacaro, where small dishes – rather like tapas – are sold at the bar and consumed standing or perched on a stool. This is a quick way to eat, but rather daunting for foreigners without any Italian, and also not very relaxing after arduous sight-seeing.

In Venice you can expect to pay as much as €2 per person as a cover charge (coperto), which should be listed on the menu. A few restaurants also add on up to 12% service charge although this is unusual and again, must be stated in the price list. Italians tend to tip a few euros rather than the 10% or more which is common elsewhere; there is no strict rule and in family-run restaurants where you are served by the proprietors its common not to tip at all.

Two people can eat a simple, filling meal for about €30 altogether (including cover charges), by sticking to a pizza and house wine. A good meal with 2-3 courses plus house wine will cost about €60-€70 for two.

An typical Italian meal begins with a starter (usually antipasto), continues with a pasta dish (primo piatto), proceedes to a second course (second piatto) which is usually meat or fish without much accompaniment, with a plate of vegetables or salad (contorno) and finally is completed with a dessert (dolce). After that you can take a liqueur of coffee. Of course it is normal to skip whatever you want and for instance start with second piatto…

One of the most popular Italian foods around the world, pizza is a must eat on any trip to Italy. If  you want a “proper” pizza, only eat in a a specialized pizza restaurant with an extensive pizza menu and a proper pizza oven.

The Best Pizza in Venice:

1.Antico Forno, Ruga Rialto, 973, 30125 VE, Italy +39 041 520 4110 Open Sunday to Saturday 11:30am-9:30pm.

2. Pizzaria Trattoria All-Anfora, Lista Vecchia dei Bari, 1223, 30135 Venezia, Italy +39 041 524 0325

3. Pizzaria Al Volo, Dorsoduro, 30123 Venezia, Italy

4. Rossopomodoro, Calle Larga, 404, San Marco, Venezia VE, Italy +39 041 243 8949 Open Monday to Sunday 11:30am-11:30pm.

5. Arte Della Pizza, Calle de l’Aseo, 1861/A, Cannaregio, Venezia VE, Italy +39 041 524 6520 Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am-9pm.

Venetian specialities

In Venice you will find a lot of seafood and lagoon fish on offer.

Polenta is a regional specialty, often served with fish or meat, but sometimes with mushrooms or cheese.

Seasonal specialties include peas and radicchio from Treviso.

Characteristic dishes and local ingredients you might see on a menu include sarde in saor (marinated sweet and sour sardines), castraure (baby artichokes), seppie in nero (cuttlefish in its ink), granseola (spider-crab), fegato alla veneziana (calfs liver with onions) and thin-sliced beef carpaccio.

Desserts are not usually terribly good in Venice – typically the choice is something like dry local biscuits from Burano, panna cotta or delicious tiramisù. And of course the ice cream -GELATO for the end. This is the best Italian product.

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